2009 - 2010





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This is the only abstract painting of this series so far, and I actually started it back in 2006. The inspiration came from the film "The Fountain" by Darren Aronofsky. It's a story of love and awakening that takes us through a thousand years and across space into the heart of a star about to become a supernova, Xibalba. By far, one of the most beautiful films I've come across, everything from the music, the story and specially the visuals.

The scene depicted here is a moment in the film when the main character reaches a sudden realization. The star he arrives to is finally expanding into critical mass, as is his understanding of the journey he is completing.

I abandoned this painting for a few years, but decided to finish it after going through the awakening experience of reconnecting with science in my life, and it happened through art. This awakening experience brought an explosive realization, I always think about it when I see this painting.

The realization is this: that we all have the potential to walk a journey of discovery and understanding of the universe we live in. And as we walk the path, we will nurture this potential a little bit more everyday. Once we take our first steps, we will discover that plenty of beautiful people have traveled this ancient path before us, leaving their tools, discoveries and methods of great power at our disposal.
The road from this perspective shines so seductive and inviting, how could I pass on this opportunity?