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Hi there, my name is Dacio and I paint the colors of the cosmos. I'm a painter and a web developer with a passion for sharing astronomy and science.
The Cosmos Gallery is a place to engage your sense of curiosity for the universe. Here you will find an online art gallery with pictures of my original artwork, a blog, and a directory of online learning resources.

My oil paintings have been described as space art, art inspired by the cosmos, astro art, space artwork, paintings of the universe, paintings of the cosmos, astronomy art, and even science inspired fine art.

I hope you enjoy my oil paintings as much as I'm enjoying reconnecting with science in my life through art and astronomy.



Welcome to the Cosmos Gallery

The Swan

The Swan Nebula, located by the constellation Sagittarius, is a place where baby stars are born.

Twilight Bloom

The majestic Helix Nebula, a glowing cloud of gas surrounding a dying star in the constellation of Aquarius.

Thundering Jove

The Great Red Spot of Jupiter is a storm that has lasted for at least 400 years, twice the diameter of earth.

Magnificent Desolation

Earth's moon, the fifth largest satellite in our Solar System. Learn about craters, lunar seas and the Apollo missions.

Dance of the Fireflies

The Antennae Galaxies are a beautiful example of how most galaxies probably undergo at least one significant collision in their lifetimes.

Going Nova

Inspired by the film "The Fountain" by Darren Aronofsky, this is an abstract about a dying star,love and awakening.



Pillow Astronaut
April 26th

I realized this morning that I didn’t share in my blog that my art was recently featured on one of my favorite blogs: Pillow Astronaut. This fantastic blog is run by Heather Archuletta, she writes about space, science and …

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I now have High Resolution images of my paintings!
January 11th

Just wanted to share with you that I’ve finished preparing high resolution images of my paintings, all images on the site have now been updated. Click on the thumbnail to see a slideshow comparing details of the new and old …

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The Spacewriter Podcast
December 13th

My Favorite Podcast & blog, The Spacewriter by Carolyn Petersen, has mentioned me at the end of her podcast for 365 days of Astronomy dedicated to Space and Astronomy Art. I’m so happy! Go ahead and listen the podcast and …

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