Welcome to The Cosmos Gallery!

December 1st, 2010 at 7:59 pm by Dacio

I’ve always had a fascination for the universe, and for some reason I managed to postpone the plans I always had about art and the cosmos.
Four years ago, I started an abstract painting about love and the stars, wishing that it would be followed by more astronomy artwork. Instead I ended up with yet another unfinished painting. Then, almost 2 year ago, I decided to retake the project.

I think it was the perfect combination of events: It was 2009, “The International Year of Astronomy”, 400 hundred years since Galileo first used a telescope to study the skies. On a warm night of April, the night of my birthday, I attended my first stargazing party in Dallas. Seeing Saturn’s rings  through a 20 inch telescope, recognizing star clusters and the great nebula in Orion surely renewed the interest I’ve always had for the stars. On that night,  I  promised my self not to abandon my project again.

Earlier that year I had started watching the series “Cosmos” ,by Carl Sagan. I grew up in Peru, the whole series was never transmitted over there, but I did know who Carl was. Amazingly enough, I do remember somehow watching parts of the first episode with my father, when I was a child. I always thought “Cosmos” was only that one single episode. To my surprise, the series had just entered Netflix on January 2009 and there were 13 episodes! By April, I had watched each episode at least a dozen times or more … I do have a history of compulsive behavior. How amazing that almost 30 years after the series, Carl was touching yet another life. He provided the initial inspiration and drive for this project to continue growing and evolving. I wish to contribute my 2 cents to the efforts that so many people continue to dedicate to the popularization of science.

I hope to make this site a place where you can network with other people, discover new sources of learning & creativity, and tickle your interest in the universe around us.